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Kevin Florida, an accomplished Web Applications Developer with over ten years of professional experience working out of Houston, TX. Proficient in all the mainstream server-side programming languages with advanced knowledge of client-side programming via HTML5.

Awarded a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the prestigious Ringling College of Art & Design, 2002. A strong eye for design combined with advanced technical knowledge allows for the devlopment of both technically advanced, creative applications and great user interfaces.

Great Tools Behind Great Web Programming

Kevin is reputable for being a "Jack of All Trades", however certain technologies spark a passion in Kevin.
Below are Kevin's favorite tools in their respective categories.

Server Side


Kevin prefers PHP server-side programming on a LAMP Stack. After version 5.3, PHP is now a powerful object-oriented language and among the best documented languages. Kevin started programming with PHP in 2003 professionally.
Open-sourced code allows for small teams of programmers to accomplish large goals inside a bigger community making powerful applications in fractions of the time. Kevin actively releases code under GNU and GPL licenses to the open-source community on his partner Web sites.

Kevin has an advanced proficiency in LAMP Stack Security.

Frameworks & SDK's

Android SDK Bleudo Apple SDK

Tired of bloated, inefficient and unsecure PHP frameworks... In 2009 Kevin began writing his own MVC-Pattern PHP Framework named, "Bleudo". After years of refinement, Kevin re-worked the entire framework in 2013 to take advantage of PHP 5.3/5.4 expanded object-oriented support. Bleudo takes advantage of the latest technologies both server-side and client-side with a rich HTML5 User Interface.

Kevin began training on the Apple SDK and Android SDK in 2011. While still a newbie, mobile application development is quickly becoming Kevin's favorite.

Client Side

jQuery HTML5

Kevin was introduced to jQuery sometime in 2009 while working on a freelance Web project. jQuery takes an every-day tedious process like asynchronous requests and simplifies the whole thing to a few lines! No need to encode/decode json strings anymore as jQuery does it for you. What a wonderful tool.
HTML5 brings your page alive with advanced JavaScript programming making dynamic animations and special effects. The introduction of local storage and canvas are a few of Kevin's favorite HTML5 features.